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Paramount Star Electromechanical Services LLC,established in 2007, UAE has been redefining lifestyle environments through its commitment to Quality, aesthetic elegance and perfection. Beyond everything we aim to make Paramount the Global MEP solution.

Paramount was formed with the expressed aim of being able to offer a complete alternative and more efficient approach to the traditional method of managing a project, by providing complete turnkey solutions including complete MEP services all within one company and under the same roof.

Paramount has key business divisions globally such as Construction, Interiors, steel structure, MEP and complete Low Current System all undertaking specialized services that suit the requirements of clients.

PARAMOUNT’S TEAM environment along with its unique structure allows for more continuity and communication between each trade, often presenting more opportunities for value engineering and swift conflict resolution between disciplines, therefore achieving optimal results with minimal problems and delays, which are normally associated with the typical multi company dynamic.

This system allows the construction team to focus on the other disciplines while keeping the project on schedule. This service offers a tremendous value, by utilizing the MEP Design Build concept the project timeline is significantly reduced and subsequently costs are reduced. Changes are implemented quickly and communicated to the construction crews is much faster.

Provides complete "cradle to grave" in house single point coordination of all Construction, Interiors, steel structure, MEP and complete Low Current System. As early as the bid process our team begins to evaluate the equipment and design, looking for conflicts and value potential.

Because the estimators for each discipline are located within the same office, it is easy to share information and knowledge between the trades. Information is shared and conveyed earlier rather than later, and problems are identified before the construction begins minimizing any potential impact to the projectand to also verify compliance with all governing codes.

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